project history

B+B Project History 2000-2003

B+B aim to reflect on the processes and implications of socially engaged art practice. Through dialogue, exchange and open discussions, B+B work to develop a space for critical reflection. B+B support artists and their collaborators in situations ranging from residencies and community-based projects to acts of consultation and activism.

B+B are Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope. They have been working together since 2000 and collaborate on projects to provoke questions on the social function of art.

Sarah Carrington studied Visual Culture at the University of Brighton (1996-1999) and Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art (1999-2001). She has worked on independent projects with Anthony Auerbach on Summer School for Bukaka (Austrian Cultural Forum, London, August 2001) and with Mary Jane Jacob as Curator of Public Programs on Evoking History, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Sophie Hope studied Art History at the University of East Anglia (1996-1999) and Creative Curating at Goldsmiths University College (1999-2000). She has worked at Camden Arts Centre assisting on a series of public art projects, and at engage, the National Association of Gallery Education and as a freelance evaluator and researcher. She worked as the UK advertising representative for Frieze magazine and has recently worked in Hungary on developing 'Spaces for Constructive Discourse' at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Transport.

B+B Projects:

B+B Archive
A collection of documentation of socially engaged projects. This collection brings together the ‘afterlives’ of a selection of recent projects from the US and the UK. Projects that involve collaboration and participation on multiple levels require time and resources for the extensive demands of documentation or evaluation. By transporting these examples and presenting their form in different contexts, B+B raise questions and encourage debate on projects that might otherwise live on in memories or filing cabinets. The B+B archive will be housed and developed at the Austrian Cultural Forum from March-September 2003.
Talk Show
as part of Critical Mass with Anna Best, Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang, Maurice O’Connell and Amy Plant, supported by the British Council
19-23 June 2002
Smart Museum, University of Chicago
Team Build
with Anna Best
13-14 October 2001
Baltic Visitors Centre, Gateshead
Moving On
with Ella Gibbs
3 March 2001
Temporary Accomodation
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
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B+B presentations:

Art and Music MA
12 November 2002
Oxford Brookes University
Library of Unwritten Books
31 October 2002
Pumphouse Gallery, London
Generosity Projects
9 February 2002
California College of Art and Crafts, San Francisco
Art as a Contact Sport
7 February 2002
California College of Art and Crafts, San Francisco
The Perils of Working in Public
30 April 2001
Chelsea College of Art, London

B+B residencies:

G.a.r.ba Residency
September 2002
Montescaglioso, Italy
February 2002
Green Gulch Farm, Bay Area, California
Oreste 3 Residency
September 2000
Montescaglioso, Italy

B+B essays:

Subversive Social Work
Engage article
Engage Review, 11 spring 2002
Tracing Change
Groupsandspaces.net article
http://www.groupsandspaces.net #0002 June 2002