Final week of Trading Places!

B+B invite you to two events in the final week of the exhibition Trading Places at the Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park. The exhibition closes on Saturday 29 May.

Monday 24 May 1800-2000h: The Truth Lies in Rostock.
Screening of an award-winning film by south-london video activists
Spectacle. Followed by a discussion with Mark Saunders of Spectacle.

Thursday 27 May 1700-2000h: Artist as Channel.
Performance of Point: Exit and documentation of Fly No Fly Zone followed by
the UK premiere of Sarajevo Guided Tours by Isa Rosenberger and Sarajevo
International by Kristina Leko. Screenings will be followed by Kristina
Leko and Adla Isanovic in conversation with Edina Husanovic.

Refreshments will be served!

All events are free but places are limited. To book a place contact Nick
Kaplony: nkaplony@wandsworth.gov.uk or 020 7350 0523

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Events this week

Thursday 20 May 1800h: Documentary in Process.
UK premier of Things. Places. Years by Klub Zwei followed by a discussion with the artists led by Anthony Auerbach.

Saturday 22 May 1200-1600h: Representation or Action
An afternoon of discussion and debate with Trading Places artists facilitated by Susan Kelly and John Nassari. Followed by Fly No Fly Zone, a collaborative performance in the park led by allsopp&weir, 1600h.

Refreshments will be served!

All events are free but places are limited. To book a place contact Nick Kaplony: nkaplony@wandsworth.gov.uk or 020 7350 0523

Thursday 20 May, 18002000h

The documentary project Things. Places. Years. (20002004) by Klub Zwei draws together the stories of three generations of Jewish women migrants living in London. The participating women describe their histories and their relationship to the city, to objects and structures around them. By associating things and places to personal experiences of exile, the film weaves together disparate constructions of womanhood. Slowly and carefully, the protagonists of Things. Places. Years. translate the effects of being out of place.

'Central to our work are current sociopolitical topics and an analysis of the ways in which they are represented in the media and in public. On the one hand we want to achieve critical reflection of representation and public intervention. Because the option of a change of society depends on the politics of representation accompanying it. On the other hand our aim is to develop an exchange between different cultural contexts and forms of egalitarian cooperation.'
Klub Zwei (Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser).

Saturday 22 May 1200-1600h
This afternoon discussion facilitated by artists Susan Kelly (Goldsmiths University) and John Nassari (University of East London) will consider the diverse approaches employed by Trading Places artists to represent experiences of migration.

Who speaks, who listens, who acts?
What is the potential for art to effect change?
What are the after effects of collaborative practice?

Trading Places artists participating in the discussion include Zeigam Azizov, Big Hope (Miklos Erhadt and Dominic Hislop), Grassroots Collective (Leticia Valverdes), Edina Husanovic, Adla Isanovic, Klub Zwei (Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser), Martin Krenn, Maiz (Erika Doucette and Rubia Salgado) and Lisl Ponger.

Representation or Action will be followed by a collaborative performance Fly No Fly Zone led by allsopp&weir at 1600h.
'Battersea Park, London will be officially inaugurated as a Fly Zone. Participants are invited to attempt to organise themselves around a specially modified kite/surveillance camera. Join us. Become weightless. Try and get it up. Look to the sky. Lose your footing, grounding and landmarks. Escape the Closed Circuit.'

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