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About B+B at Home

B+B were invited by Anthony Auerbach, curator of the Visual Arts Programme at the Austrian Cultural Forum (ACF), to develop a hosting project from March to September 2003.The resulting B+B at Home was an extention of the residency programme initated by the ACF Visual Arts Programme with the Office of Anti-Matter and Klub Zwei in 2001 and continued in 2002 with visits from Umelec, Museum in Progress and Dezentrale Medien.

B+B invited artists and curators from central Europe to take part in an informal programme of screenings, artist's presentations, talks and discussions. Our aim was to provide a networked space and a catalytic environment where artists could consider the opportunities and problematics of politically engaged practice on the threshold of European Union enlargement.

Since 2000, we developed a discursive curatorial practice which supports artists and their collaborators in situations ranging from residencies and community-based projects to acts of consultation and activism. For the duration of B+B at Home, the gallery space at the ACF became our office, archive and meeting room and was designed in collaboration with architects Greg Epps and Samson Adjei (OFFMO).

Participating artists were invited to use the space to develop their practice and to connect with local networks, transforming the ACF into their base and working space. Together with our guests, we used the time to investigate approaches to the translation of art practices which reflect a specific social and political context.

A new publiction, Occasions, outlines the projects and issues that came out of B+B at Home. The publication is written by B+B with contributions from Zeigam Azizov, Siggi Hofer, Paula Roush, Anthony Auerbach and many of the other artists B+B are working with.

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Past B+B at Home residencies and events: