B+B Summer

Kunstverein Munich, July 2004:
We took part in a colloquium in Munich from 2325 July about collaborative practice. The weekend involved discussions on the practicalities of collective work, the performativitiy of collaborative practices, the political implications of working together and curatorial and institutional structures. Among the participants were Freie Klasse (Munich), KMKK (Budapest), Version (Cluj Napoca / Paris) and Xurban (Istanbul).

Ljubljana, September 2004:
Tadej Pogacar of P74 Gallery has invited us and Paula Roush to take part in a project in Ljubljana. We're initiating a long term research project about what it means to be political as an artist in Europe today by setting up the first in a series of Reunions in the P74 Gallery. We will be taking examples of our own practice and inviting artists from Ljubljana to contribute documentation of their work in order to map the practices and politics in the UK and Slovenia. We're also holding a forum on Sunday 12th September to discuss the ideas, opinions, cross overs and clashes.

B+B Occasions Publication:
If you would like to purchase our new publication which explores socially engaged and collaborative art practices in Europe today, contact us on bandb@welcomebb.org.uk. B+B Occasions costs 7.50 including post and packaging. The publicaiton is presented as a set of posters on the themes HOME, MAPPING, TRANSLATION, DOCUMENT, NETWORK and includes works by artists who took part in B+B at Home at the Austrian Cultural Forum London in 2003: Halt+Boring, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art/Tadej Pogacar, Siggi Hofer and Helmut and Johanna Kandl with commentaries by Anthony Auerbach, Zeigam Azizov, Judit Bodor, Edina Husanovic, Lisl Ponger, Michael Zimmermann and others. The publication is also available in the Serpentine Gallery bookshop.

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