August – December 2004

Here's an update of some of our activities from August – December 2004. We've been through a phase of project development and are moving into our new B+B office in East London. Over the next few months we're focusing on developing Reunion, a platform for exchanging notions of the political in contemporary art across Europe and an event next Spring about how and why art is used to 'regenerate'.

Coalesce, Model Arts & Niland Gallery, Sligo, Ireland
16 December 2004 – 22 January 2005
We have been invited by curator Paul O’Neill to develop a film programme as part of his exhibition, Coalesce. The exhibition includes works by Kathrin Böhm, Jaime Gili, Clare Goodwin, Willie Mc Keown, Lawrence Weiner, Jack B. Yeats, Alexander Mir, Isabel Nolan, Eduardo Padhila and Tod Hanson. We wanted to take this opportunity to show some of the video works we had presented as part of Trading Places as well as other works related to notions of co-habitation in Europe. We will be presenting videos by Ursula Biemann and Angela Saunders, Esra Ersen, Jakup Ferri, Adla Isanovic, Sejla Kameric, Helmut and Johanna Kandl, Tadej Pogacar & the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art and Marko Raat.
More information to come about Coalesce.

Middle-South-East Meeting, Palais Attems, Graz, Austria
5–7 November 2004
The arts organisation, , kindly invited us to take part in a three day symposium about local responsibilities and international appearances within the context of arat practices in central and south eastern Europe. We presented our work alongside artists and curators from Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, Israel and Hungary.

Graphomania, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
30 October 2004
We are currently evaluating The Library of Unwritten Books, a project by Caroline Jupp and Sam Brown. As part of our evaluation we held a public discussion about the project. Many of the authors of the unwritten books attended and there were readings of some of the stories.

Speculative Strategies 3, University of Bath, Oakfield Campus, Swindon, UK
26 October 2004
We took part on a panel during a one-day symposium organised by Dr Daniel Hinchcliffe, Head of Visual Arts at the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts (University of Bath), about ethics, interdisciplinary arts practice and the politics of negotiation. Other speakers and panel members included Stuart Brisley, Jane Rendell, Barbara Steveni, Alan McLean, Sue Golding and Wallace Heim.

Challenging Relationships, Spike Island, Bristol, UK
23 October 2004
The Interpretation Team at Spike Island invited us to take part on a panel during their one day symposium on Challenging Relationships: Artists and Institutions. We were in conversation with writer and curator Will Bradley. Other speakers / panel members included Saul Albert, Kate Rich (via live weblink from Australia), Sally Talent, Heidi Reimaier, Simon Poulter, Becky Shaw. The day was chaired by Wayne Lloyd.

Trading Places at the European Social Forum, London
15 October 2004
As a follow up to our project Trading Place (May 2004, Pump House Gallery), we held a discussion within the context of the ESF. We held a role playing workshop to raise questions of responsibility, negotiation and compromise when working on art projects which address the politics of migration.

Reunion, P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
September 2004
In September we went to Ljubljana to present elements of the B+B archive and to research political art practices in Slovenia. We accompanied Paula Roush / msdm to Slovenia who also developed a project in the context of P74, a gallery ran by Tadej Pogacar.

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