January – April 2005

It's been a long time since the last update! Here's some news on what we've been up to over the last few months and our plans for April and May:

Klartext conference, Berlin
14 – 16 January 2005
We took part in this three-day event about the status of the political in contemporary art and culture. This was a really interesting few days with speeches from artists and theorists offering alternative ways of working such as the Yes Men, Brian Holmes, Sezgin Boynik, multiplicity among many others. We spoke about the UK context of cultural policy which felt a bit out of context there. The structure was such that it wasn't very easy for discussion to take place after the presentations and this was quite frustrating.
go to:http://www.klartext-konferenz.net

We have been employed by the Whitechapel Art Gallery to evaluate Utopia, a programme of artists' film screened and discussed in the gallery's auditorium and other local sites. The focus of the programme is considering how film and video acts as an agent for social change while questioning utopian aspirations and exploring their limitations.
go to: www.whitechapel.org

We just got back from an amazing research trip to Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Rijeka and Novi Sad. This formed an important part of our plans for Reunion, a two-year framework for the exchange, critique and commissioning of politically motivated art practice. We will be hosting an event at the Austrian Cultural Forum on April 21st to present the project and get some feedback on the next steps. We will produce the first Reunion newsletter to coincide with this event.

Tracing Change
May 11 2005, 10–4.30pm, Tate Britain, London
We are working on a series of workshops and a one-day event at Tate Britain which is the culmination a two-year research project we have been doing into the role of the artist in processes of social change and planning. We have journeyed to three socially engaged art projects in areas of regeneration around the South East of England (Brand New Letchworth, matchmakers and Bata-ville). Tracing Change will present these examples of complex partnerships between artists, arts organisations, architects and planners, business and corporate interests, regeneration agencies and communities. Places are strictly limited for this event so if you would like to know more please contact us soon.

Plus, keep you eyes peeled for B+B contributions about issues raised through Tracing Change in the new issues of Vector (a new Romanian magazine), Scroop (an architecture magazine published by Cambridge University) and Green Places (a landscape design magazine).

Collective Creativity
May 1 – July 17 2005, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel
Collective Creativity is curated by WHW a curatorial team from Zagreb whom we are also working with on Reunion. WHW have invited us to take part in thier ambitious exhibition about different forms of collective artistic creativity whose protagonists share common programs, ways of life, methodologies or political standpoints. The project explores the different emancipatory aspects of collective work where collaborative creativity is not only a form of resisting the dominant art system and capitalist call for specialization, but also a productive and performative criticism of social institutions and politics. We are working with design duo OFFMO (our long time collaborators) on setting up a resource room in the exhibition which will include information about the collectives in the show and also collectives from the UK. We are also co-curating with WHW an opening event called Saturday Swap Shop where some of the collectives will be in conversation with each other discussing their motivations and ways of working. This will take palce the day before the opening on 30 April 05.
go to: http://www.fridericianum-kassel.de

La La Land
May 19 – July 2005, Project, Dublin
This exhibition is curated by Paul O'Neill and will include ongoing projects by Liam Gillick, Kathrin Böhm, Lothar Gotz, Jeanne van Heeswijk and Amy Plant, Ronan McCray and Jaimie Gilli. We have been invited to present aspects of the B+B archive as part of the exhibition and will use this opportunity to find out more about Dublin based artists working in socially and politically motivated ways.
go to: http://www.project.ie

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