Summer 05 with B+B!

REAL ESTATE at the ICA, 2328 August
If you're in London during the last week of August, come and spend it at the ICA! We have been invited to take part in London in Six Easy Steps at the ICA. ICA curator Jens Hoffman has invited six curators to develop an exhibition, lasting one week each, about London. Our response is REAL ESTATE, an exhibition and series of events about how artists and activists are intervening into changing land use in London (2328 August).
See the project page here or the link to your right for information on who we're working with and for the exciting timetable of events.

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City Escape and Escapade, ICA 30 July 2005
As a run-up to Real Estate, Sarah will be presenting a paper at this symposium about the city as a playground. See the ICA website for more details: www.ica.org.uk

NOTION NANNY with Allison Smith
We're working with New-York based Allison Smith on a touring project, Notion Nanny. The project investigates notions of craft, social histories and revolutionary making. First stop is Cumbria where Allison will spend the month of August working with local makers to exchange skills.
See the www.notionnanny.net website for more info and to join the Notion Nanny Guild.

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