April 2003

B+B at Home with Halt + Boring

B+B were pleased to host the debut London appearance by Halt+Boring who were in residence at the Austrian Cultural Forum in April.

Halt+Boring collaborate on projects that comment on aspects of Austrian culture. Using performance, photography, video and installation, their interventions reclaim and reinvent sites - those public and private or real and imagined. Previous projects have found them pissing on city streets, firing super-shooters at over-eager politicians, stamping on trees in forests and creating indoor rain. They are overnight magic-makers and daytime trouble-seekers.

INVITATIONPLONK Wednesday 30 April 1930h

'On Wednesday, the 30th of April the colleagues Halt+Boring will be acting as usual. In the PIANO ROOM photos of the last north-pole expedition of the Arctic-cataclysmic-federation will be presented to the comrades, whereas in the OFFICES they will be surprised by elderly men. There will be some scenes on the STAIRS which might remotely remind one of Tom+Jerry, very discretely, like a slightly salted soup. No one would dare to think of a miasma. The two KITCHENS obviously have disappeared. Phones ringing in the OTHER ROOMS, silently. Nobody would ever pick them up. No answer phone for all your questions. Chairs, tables, ceilings, We invite you to 'you know' a meeting of the special kind, a plump pleasure with us, a plotter's ploy by a plucky bloomer. If you don't behave in the right way, we - the ACF - will neither apologise for our appearance; nor have we - the ACF - had treatment. Haven't we.'



Halt + Boring: Past work

Halt and Boring made a series or parodies of works by the boy-group Gelatin (using dildos). The series was called 'The Corrections' (2001)

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