July 2002

My Life is Your Life

B+B held an event with artist in residence, Siggi Hofer on Tuesday 29 July, 1900h at the Austrian Cultural Forum.

'My Life is Your Life' is a story created by Siggi Hofer, documented in a video.

'My life is Your Life' is a fictitious account. The actors are real, they play themselves, and yet at the same time they are woven into the story. The necessary translation from German to English results in dual versions: the stories of two people.

Everything begins with an expectation, of oneself or of another. What should an artist do when he is invited to London for three weeks? Visit exhibitions, be observant, be subversive, meet new people?

My Life is Your Life is the story of this dilemma.

'Trying to invent a person, I attempt to reconstruct myself as someone from whom no one expects or demands anything. My plan was not wholly successful.

The place in Hyde Park where gays meet has no language barriers. But there are rules here, which make me feel safer, more confident. Finally I do what is expected of me, I produce art.'

Siggi Hofer

Biographical details:

Siggi Hofer was born in Brunico, Italy and lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He is currently exhibiting in 'Dessinez avec desirée' at Gallery Meyer Kainer, Vienna and 'Ach Himmel, es ist verspielt', A9 Forum Transeuropa, Vienna. Hofer had solo shows in 2002 at Kunstbuero, Vienna ('Ohne Harmonie Without Harmony'), and Galerie Raster, Warsaw ('twothousendandtwo miles'). In 2000, Hofer received the R. M. Schindler-Grant for a six-month residency in Los Angeles. In 2000 he also exhibted in 'Whippersnapper', at Vedanta Gallery, Chicago and 'Lives and Works in Vienna' at the Kunsthalle, Vienna. In 2002, he did a project with his collective, RAIN for fotofest, Housten, USA. RAIN will also be part of this year's Havana Biennale.