June 2003

Collecting Urban Representations

On Thursday 19 June, 1830-2000h, B+B were at home at the Austrian Cultural Forum with Moira Zoitl and Ralf Hoedt, two Berlin-based artists currently on a residency in London.

Moira Zoitl has an interest in issues of women and work. At B+B at Home, she will present part of "Chat(t)er Gardens. Stories from and about Filipina workers", a project developed following her recent visit to Hong Kong in 2002. While in the city she interviewed Mary Buneo, a domestic helper from the Philippines. Through this meeting she became interested in highlighting the situation of Filipino women who work in Hong Kong. Moira started to work on a newsletter, bringing together diverse views on Filipino workers with a concentration on stories told by the domestic workers themselves. Questioning the different levels of representation of women within the city and media Moira Zoitl tries to interfere in dominant narrations.

Ralf Hoedt will present the photographical essay "urban identities//corporate identity01_case olivetti" that was first published 2002 in the architectural reader "UMBAU 19". During his stay in London he worked on his main topic: urban identity and representation, including the photographical mapping of the eastern suburbs of London and the area surrounding Canary Wharf. A closer look in the research is taken on the buildings of "REUTERS"(News agency) and "the Global Switch 2 server building" (London Docklands).


Moira Zoitl
"Hong Kong. Exchange Square" from the Project: "Chat(t)er Gardens. Stories from and about Filipina Workers"
Photo Moira Zoitl 2002

Ralf Hoedt
K 889/5/10-98/Ivrea, Palazzo per uffici della Olivetti (1960-1967)
Arch.: G.A. Bernasconi, A. Fiocchi, M. Nizzoli.