Press release from Bik Van Der Pol
for a discussion at BüroFriedrich, Germany, Wed, 02 May 2001


Insert for BüroFriedrich

On the invitation of Bik Van der Pol, three Berlin - based artists will present their work and artistic practice in an informal setting at BuroFriedrich on saturday May 5, 19.00 h.

Jurgen Erkius (Sweden) , Manfred Reuter (Germany) and Iepe Rubing (The Netherlands) will talk about their projects, actions and performances, and they will emphasize on the consequences of their art projects and actions on their life.

The public is invited to participate in the discussion in order to constructively contribute to the issues raised.

After exploring the space of BuroFriedrich, bits and pieces of its recent history, and scarce information on the work of Lee Lozano, Bik Van der Pol interpreted the invitation of working within the context of Lee Lozano's text pieces as a research after similarities and differences between artistic attitudes then (the late 60s) and now, and the influence of the art world on the perception of artistic practices such as Lozano's.

How radical is it to fuse art and life? What are the consequences of this when one really lives the artistic concepts when this implicates total invisibility or disappearance? How does one carry out or present or represent concepts and ideas that can only be experienced when 'lived' through'? How conceptual is experience?

How can we avoid radicality to be perverted when brought into real life? Could it be that concepts and ideas are more radical when not brought into practice, since imagination is far more powerful than the 'real thing'? How can public engage itself with personal radicality of an artist?

The presentation at BüroFriedrich should be seen as the start of the investigation, and a possible search for the answers to these questions. This investigation will emphasizeon issues related to the fusion of art and life, the consequences of pursuing artistic attitudes and concepts to their uttermost limits. In close collaboration with BüroFriedrich Bik Van der Pol will organise a few meetings with guests which will emphasise on these questions.

During the exhibition, three events are planned. For each event circa 3 guests will be invited to present their work and thoughts. The guest will be invited on basis of their possible connection with art practice during the late 60s and early 70s. Using the work and attitude of Lee Lozano as a starting point, these presentations aim to go beyond her practice and life, and at the same time aim to focus on questions of radically linking art and life within the frame work of contemporary discours and artistic practice.

The result of these meetings will be collected and used as support research material which should eventually lead to a simple publication. Three events are planned on May 5, May 19 and June 2, and will be recorded.


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