Email from Stephen Hobbs
Sun, 12 Mar 2000 22:48:16 +0200

hi there S+S - i presume you were given my our/(the trinity sessions) mail addresses care of kate and debbie- smith and fowle - it is a little late or rather i have had a long day of it - but your final question at the end of the mail is a valid one, since organisations such as ourselves and others that i have come into contact with, such as the modern institute in glasgow or casco projects in utrecht - don't have spaces as such but strategically intervene - publicly mostly in order to state their respective cases - which invariably raises the issue of documentation as an intergral part of any temporal process - you will find below a brief biography of the trinity session although we have just started doing things in south africa under this title - the issue of preservation of so called intellectual property is essential when convincing an otherwise radically conservative system to support the next gig - if this be the case our interest is turn the record or document into a functional device- an autonomous device if need be and at the same time a perishable device - by this i mean if you weren't there to see it - well then too bad - all this inconclusive babble aside i suppose what i am trying to say is that it is interesting to find that in today's contemporary artworld climate there are more and more artist / producer innitiatives pulling away from the establishment as such in order to look at matters closer to home - but in the process people as far south as us get mails from people as far north as you - and so the conversation begins - when you have the time please read the essay i have attached to this mail which i think speaks of some of these issues - in particular the shortcomings of assuming to know or understand communities that operate outside all of this discourse - i urge you to get through the entire text as it is a fairly complete statement on all of the above have a great evening

kind regards

stephen hobbs


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